Chocolate vs. Red

Red Furnace


Chocolte Fifty-Two


I was walking down the street then I heard a sudden beat;

It sounded like an explosion and cranked up the heat;

It really really burns and scorched off my feet;

We better go quick to find a very cool seat;

It then became stormy and cold;

The clouds became bold;

Lightning became a troll;

Oaks became Charcoal;

Is it because they're old?

Or Is it a beginning of a fold?

I'm gonna go roll;

Before I get trolled.


Creepers and Dragons;

Hunting like an SU-15 Flagon;

Gonna go to my armed Wagon;

Knocking them down like a Baton;

Coming my Way, of course i'm gonna slay;

Like a Gamma Ray;

Gonna waste you for Today;

Then leave to a Buffet;

Eat a Burger then go dance;

Like an Ending of romance;

See that Light and Glance;

Listening songs from many Bands.



I can show you the direction to detention;

Or there'll be suspention;

I'm the ladies' love intention;

My heart is full of extention;

And this is the situation, We want no tribulation;

Now I'm going to my Destination till the next generation;

I live near a station located in a dimension;

I'll listen to my radio station in every nation with patience.


Leave ma' pals alone or I'll turn you into glue;

I can get you guys outsmarted, I can turn you black and blue;

You don't have a Clue about what I'm gonna do;

Just leave them alone or you'll change your skin hue;

I'ma feeding you to a Megalodon;

Knock and scratch you like a Pteranodon;

Hocus Pocus Harry Potter and Ron;

I'ma feed you my Gator, Don;

But for sure Get off my Lawn or you're Don's meal for Dawn.

*Red Farted

*Chocolate burped




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